Highlights of AJL.ZG100 automatic glue machine for outer tube bonding

1. The equipment has functions such as automatic loading, automatic gluing, drying, automatic unloading, etc. After setting the parameters, all processes can be solved with one key;

2. Precise positioning of the workpiece, fast and stable transmission, product diameters are inconsistent, height and width can be adjusted, adjustment time is short, and operation is simple.

3. Reduce labor and work intensity;

4. It has an extremely high coating utilization rate of 95%, and one-click recycling can save about 80% of the adhesive;

5. Not only can ensure the quality, but also improve the production efficiency, suitable for large quantities;

6. Fully enclosed operation reduces the diffusion of harmful gases in the workshop, protects operators and protects the environment.

Applicable products of AJL.ZG100

Technical Parameter of AJL.ZG100

Domestic customer purchase one machine for outer tube bonding AJL-ZG100
Time: 2020-07-22
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