Angem has developed a special type of AJL.R55 Automatic Oil Paint Machine for zipper slider and small hardware -- one-button roller paint, which is stable and efficient, and greatly reduces the professional requirements and labor intensity of operators.

AJL.R55 Automatic Oil Paint Machine main features:

1. It is specially designed for zipper slider and small hardware roll spraying process to realize one-key roll spraying.

2. The electrical appliances adopt "Zhengtai" and "Xinjie" to reduce costs.

3. Modular design, simple structure and convenient maintenance. The equipment will automatically roll spray at a small flow rate according to the program, and automatically switch to a large flow roll spray after the program set time.

4. The drum electric auxiliary heating module is added, which improves the heating speed and heating temperature in the barrel.

5. The patented product "Venturi-style paint mist filter" is adopted, with good filtering effect, low exhaust resistance and more energy saving. The filter element is easy to replace and the replacement cycle is long (2-3 months).

6. The air cylinder is used to realize the material dumping by turning the roller, and the control is simple. The cylinder is controlled by a solenoid valve with a central seal to ensure the safety of the operator when the air is suddenly cut off under special circumstances.

7. Small investment, high efficiency, small land occupation and good surface effect.

Exhaust gas filtration and recovery, good working environment

Another highlight of AJL.R55 Automatic Oil Paint Machines spraying equipment is that the exhaust gas is discharged after being filtered by the "Venturi-style paint mist collecting box", which avoids the emission of harmful gases and reduces environmental pollution in the production area. Physical hazards to operators in the production workshop.

Angem's new equipment comes into the market -- AJL.R55 Automatic Oil Paint Machine for zipper slider and small hardware
Time: 2020-07-30

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