As of February 1, 2021, Angem's performance got off to  a good start.


Domestic customers bought 12 spraying equipments, including:

Automatic glue spraying machine

Automatic dipping machine

Automatic glue rolling machine

Automatic diameter reduction machine

  • Among them, the star product automatic roll spraying machine,8 sets.


Negotiations are under way with many customers at home and abroad, the demand is not less than 10 sets.

Following this trend, Angem spraying equipments will be in short supply.

Someone else's companies are upgrading automation equipment. If you don't, will sooner or later be eliminated by the cruel market.

First come first served.

Please speed up your purchasing pace,

Angem is always at your service whenever you need it.

2021, painting equipment sales blowout
Time: 2021-02-08
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