The environmental protection department pays close attention to some polluting enterprises, and immediately seals up and rectifies those polluting and non-compliant enterprises.

Pickling is a key process of metal surface treatment, especially the pickling of steel materials. The traditional strong acid and high pollution pickling has been cut off, no matter how good environmental protection measures are, it will inevitably come to an end in the near future.


Pickling requires the use of equipment to treat and discharge the acid liquid. However, the processing of this acidic liquid with a very high heavy metal content requires very high equipment costs and operating costs are not affordable for ordinary enterprises.


The purpose of pickling is to remove the oxides on the metal surface. The Angem wet sandblasting and phosphating line uses sandblasting instead of pickling, which not only achieves the purpose of treatment, but is also more environmentally friendly.

Angem [Wet Blasting] Phosphating Line Advantages:  

Compared with traditional pickling, it is more environmentally friendly;

No dust flying, reduce pollution and improve workshop environment;

Can clean the tiny burrs on the surface of the workpiece;

Improve the strength and adhesion of the surface of the processed object;

Improve the mechanical properties of the workpiece surface and improve the fatigue resistance of the workpiece.


Painting is a simple and practical method of modern metal anti-corrosion treatment. Phosphating treatment is also a key process of its pretreatment. The phosphating product has a good bonding force with the paint coating. This means that the phosphating Spray paint, the paint film is not easy to fall off.

Using mechanical sandblasting mechanism, reliable strength and stability;

The workpiece volume is 40L each time, the production cycle of the double wet sandblasting system is about 45s, and the production efficiency is high;

The equipment has a high degree of automation, with only one equipment operator;

One piece of equipment solves the problem of sandblasting, cleaning, phosphating and drying of products.


2021 must be another year of cruel market competition, with thousands of companies "dead" every year.

Major companies should accelerate the upgrading of automation equipment to seize the opportunity.

Replace with a better wet sandblasting and phosphating line instead of being the next company to be eliminated.

Say goodbye to the pickling and phosphating line, and don't be the next company to be eliminated
Time: 2021-02-22
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