NdFeB use

NdFeB is a kind of magnet in simple terms. It contains a lot of rare earth elements neodymium, iron and boron. Its characteristics are hard and brittle. As a rare earth permanent magnet material, NdFeB has extremely high magnetic energy product and coercive force. At the same time, the advantages of high energy density make NdFeB permanent magnet material widely used in modern industry and electronic technology, so that the instrument It is possible to reduce the size, weight, and thickness of equipment such as instruments, electroacoustic motors, and magnetic separation magnetization.

Because the surface is easily oxidized and corroded, NdFeB must be surface-coated. Surface chemical passivation is one of the good solutions.

Production process of NdFeB

The following process will use our equipment

  • Surface spraying: Automatic roller spraying machine R55, automatic roller spraying machine R90 series

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Industry pain points



  • The product is small, the traditional manual spraying method, the paint utilization rate is less than 10%, and the paint waste rate is high
  • The parts need to be painted all over the body, using traditional manual spraying methods, spraying, drying, turning and turning needs multiple turnovers, which is inefficient

  • Traditional roller spray method, the spraying quality needs manual control, high technical requirements for workers, unstable quality

  • Paint adhesion is not strong enough, easy to fall off paint under high temperature or friction

  • Sticky phenomenon when spraying

  • Spraying causes pollution to workshop personnel and the environment

Product requirement



Our advantage



  • At present, the company's automatic roller sprayer equipment can realize the whole body spraying of small and medium-sized magnetic materials such as magnetic rings, magnetic sheets, magnets, neodymium iron boron, etc., to achieve the effect of the magnetic core on electrical insulation
  • The utilization rate of paint is as high as 90%

  • The product is automatically turned over and dried, and the production efficiency is high

  • Fully intelligent production, the spraying quality is controlled by the machine, and the quality is stable

  • Fully enclosed spraying, and the dust is precisely filtered to ensure that the workshop is free of pollution

  • Suitable for mass production

  • Accurate flow control, automatic alarm when blocking gun

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Time: 2020-04-30
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