On the morning of November 21, 2019, a group of customers from Singapore and Malaysia visited Angem. Among the visitors were the chairman of the Singapore head office, assistant to the chairman, the head of the Malaysia branch of the Kuala Lumpur branch, and the heads of other branches in Malaysia A total of 8 people visited and visited Angem.

This itinerary

A total of 8 customers from Singapore

Mainly for the upgrading of the equipment of the Kuala Lumpur branch in Malaysia

Visit to understand our automatic roller spray equipment

During the whole equipment tour

The head of Angem's Foreign Trade Department and the manager of the Technology Department Lu were accompanied throughout the journey

First of all, the director of the Foreign Trade Department took the customer to watch the video introduction of the Angem automatic roller spray machine

Together with the manager of the process department Lu, he took the customer to visit the production workshop of automatic roll spray equipment

Manager Lu from the process department also answered various questions from customers

And describe each equipment that customers are interested in one by one

Quality, performance, production, environmental protection capabilities

The person in charge of the Kuala Lumpur branch of Malaysia told us

The spray equipment they used before

Still the original manual spraying equipment

Chairman of the Singapore Headquarters said

The company has grown to the fifth branch

The biggest drawback is that the equipment has not kept pace with the development of the enterprise

Currently in labor costs,

Time and glue consumption are relatively large

Can't guarantee uniformity, brightness, etc.

In this regard, Manager Lu gave the client

Demonstration of fist products independently developed by Angem

The unique performance of "AJL.R55 type automatic roller sprayer"

Let customers directly experience the unique features of Angem technology

"Spray Control System"

"Automatic unloading"

"Electrical Control System"

"Glue Supply System"

And other technologies

"Save people, save glue, save electricity

Save cleaning

Stable and efficient intelligent automatic precision

Wear-resistant without degumming

Easy operation 10 minutes to learn "

High-quality effect

This visit

Singapore and Malaysia customers also brought some of their own products

On-site manager Lu also proofed the customer's products on site

The customer is very satisfied


Angem will cooperate with the 13 years we have accumulated

Rich experience in coating R & D and superb craftsmanship

Provide customers with more suitable and closer to their production process needs

At the same time reduce the cost of use

Provide the most powerful support for customer equipment upgrades

And enhance customer market competitiveness

Angem automatic roll-spraying equipment ushered in an exclusive interview with customers in Singapore and Malaysia!
Time: 2020-04-28

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