Shock absorber use

The shock absorber is used to suppress the shock and rebound from the road surface after spring shock absorption, to accelerate the attenuation of the frame and body vibration, to improve the smoothness (comfort) of the car, in most car suspensions The system and steering system are equipped with shock absorbers.

Production Process

The manufacturing process of automobile shock absorbers is relatively complicated. We take the shock absorber bushing as an example to explain the technological process of the bushing and explain which technological processes will use our equipment.

Process flow

The following process will use our equipment

  • Pre-processing equipment: Automatic phosphating line


  • Glue spraying: Automatic glue spraying machine


  • Gluing: Automatic glue rolling machine


  • Glue spraying: Automatic roller spraying machine


  • Reduced outer diameter: Automatic reducer


  • Detection, shrinkage of outer diameter, rigidity test: Multi-station post-process special machine

Industry pain points

  • High labor cost and low adhesive utilization

  • Uneven coating thickness by hand

  • The phenomenon of leaking spraying and coating is prone to occur, resulting in batch scrap of products

  • The traditional method of gluing and drying covers a large area and the cost of the workshop is high

Product requirement


Our advantage

  • High degree of automation and safer operation

  • Short production cycle and high efficiency, suitable for large-scale production of products

  • Increased utilization of glue and cost savings

  • Uniform film thickness and more stable quality

  • Small footprint and low energy consumption

  • Accurate flow monitoring, image detection, color mark detection and other error prevention, automatic alarm when the gun is blocked, to ensure product quality

  • Fully-enclosed coating, the dust is precisely filtered to ensure no pollution in the workshop

Other service

Rubber shock absorption industry solutions
Time: 2020-04-29
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