In December 2019, for Suzhou Agilent Precision Machinery, it can be said to be a busy and fulfilling month. In order to complete the delivery of the 2019 painting equipment order by the end of the year, Agilent employees worked overtime at various installation sites.

Under the cooperation of marketing, technology, R & D, production and other departments, the verification process, technical parameters, determination plan, equipment production, equipment assembly, equipment debugging, equipment testing and other links have been completed. Package delivery.

Recently, two automatic glue dispensers ordered by American customers have also been packaged and shipped.

As a coating giant, Agilent, which has been established for 14 years, has a very mature operating system in the field of intelligent coating. It also strictly guarantees the regular operation of equipment in production, sales, quality assurance, and after-sales.

2 automatic glue spraying machines ordered by American customers have been shipped!
Time: 2020-04-28

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