At the beginning of August, the person in charge of the domestic branch of the Serbian customer and the production director and technical staff of the head office visited Angem in Suzhou. The customer's main automotive shock-related parts and products have previously purchased our SJ63D automatic reducer. This trip is mainly I want to visit and understand our internal hole rolling equipment.

During the whole factory visit, the head of the Foreign Trade Department and the manager of the Technology Department Lu accompanied the guests throughout the journey and answered various questions raised by customers. Customers are mainly concerned about the quality, performance and production capacity of the equipment.

This automatic glue rolling machine of Angem is suitable for regular cylindrical bushing products with a diameter of 30-100mm. Preheating, gluing and drying can be carried out simultaneously. The rolling time is about 1-2s. The production cycle of the whole process is generally controlled at 4- 6 seconds, suitable for mass production of shock-absorbing bushing parts, is a solution for automatic glue application.

In addition, the customer also visited and learned about our automatic roller spraying machine and automatic glue spraying machine, and said he was looking forward to the next cooperation.

Serbian customers visit Suzhou Angem Inner Hole Roller
Time: 2020-05-21

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