A few days ago, I was immersed in the joy of passing the test of Anhui customers' automatic glue machine. Recently, I heard the good news from Angem engineers: "Customers of Hunan Automatic Custom Reducing Machine" passed the acceptance test!

It is understood that under the cooperation of various departments, this "AJL.SJ63JC type", which was newly created by Angem specifically for Hunan customers, passed the final test as early as mid-October.

On the day of November 11, the customer rushed from Hunan to Suzhou. There is no online shopping "carnival" for Double Eleven, but the news of acceptance is already a "carnival" for Angem employees!

The automatic reducer AJL.SJ63JC equipment is independently developed and produced by Suzhou Angem Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. and has independent intellectual property rights. It is mainly used to shape the outer diameter of the automobile shock absorber bushing.

As an upgraded version of AJL.SJ-63, in addition to the high safety factor, there is no hidden danger of the traditional working mode of the press, the punch is upside down, and the dust and foreign objects invade the cavity for easy cleaning. On the basis of the system, AJL.SJ63JC also added an automatic detection device.

Just press the button with one finger, one-key automatic diameter reduction, automatic ejection, automatic detection, Angem's automatic diameter reducer AJL.SJ63JC type saves time and effort.

Taking into account the characteristics of Hunan customer bushing products, Angem engineers have redesigned this AJL.SJ63JC automatic reducer, and have made new upgrades in terms of function and detection, making it more conducive to the large batch of the product produce.

Throughout the acceptance process, customers nodded frequently, customer satisfaction is Angem's greatest pursuit, high quality is the root of Angem's survival, integrity management is Angem's principle, and win-win is Angem's goal.

Based on the precision machinery industry for 13 years, Angem will continue to make unremitting efforts to customize integrated solutions for customers, and strive to solve customers' worries.

The acceptance of the automatic reducer customized by the Hunan customer is qualified!
Time: 2019-11-14

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