On the morning of November 22, 2019, a number of automatic glue spraying machines and automatic glue spreading machines that have passed the test ushered in the acceptance of customers. The customers who participated in the visit and acceptance were customers from Anhui, and this customer was responsible for this acceptance Relevant colleagues in the company's technology and procurement department.

Throughout the acceptance process, engineers from Angem's technical department, head of production department, and head of quality department accompanied the customer throughout the process, and answered various questions from the customer during the acceptance. The acceptance was very smooth, and the customer also expressed a high degree of our equipment sure.

Last Friday (November 29), these automatic glue dispensers and inner hole automatic glue dispensers have been packaged and shipped. At present, the customer has received the equipment, and the Agilent technicians who are coming together are now installing and debugging on site, and teaching the operator of the customer company how to use it properly.

As the leader of intelligent coating solutions, we not only research and develop, but also master advanced technologies such as automatic spraying, automatic roller rolling and automatic inner hole coating. Moreover, we always pay attention to listening to the needs of customers, and make full use of technological means to optimize solutions to meet the changing needs of the customer industry.

With the expansion of the demand for intelligent automatic spraying equipment, Suzhou Angem Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., with its rich experience in the design and application of painting equipment, we still use innovative technology to promote intelligent solutions, and actively improve our customers' automated production capabilities and strengthen customers. Competitiveness.

The automatic glue spraying machine and the inner hole automatic glue spreading machine have successfully passed the customer's acceptance and are now shipped!
Time: 2019-11-22

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