Uses of pens and other stationery products

At present, the company's automatic roller sprayer equipment can realize the whole body spraying of ballpoint pens, pens, water-based pens and other pen holders, dovetail clips and other stationery.

Spray pen and other stationery spraying process (two coatings)

The following process will use our equipment

  • Surface spraying: Automatic roller spraying machine R120, automatic roller spraying machine R90 series


Industry pain points

  • Manual spraying, paint utilization rate is less than 10%, paint waste is high

  • The parts need to be painted all over the body, using traditional manual spraying methods, spraying, drying, turning and turning needs multiple turnovers, which is inefficient

  • The phenomenon of leaking spraying and coating is prone to occur, resulting in batch scrap of products

  • The paint adhesion is not strong enough, easy to fall off after a long time, the surface spraying is not uniform, and the appearance quality is poor

  • Strict environmental protection inspection, spraying causes pollution to workshops and personnel, and high requirements for spraying environment

Product requirement

Our advantage

  • The utilization rate of paint is as high as 90%

  • The product is automatically turned over and dried, and the production efficiency is high

  • Fully intelligent production, the spraying quality is controlled by the machine, and the quality is stable

  • Fully enclosed spraying, and the dust is precisely filtered to ensure that the workshop is free of pollution

  • Color and luster, good feel; not easy to fall off paint, high appearance quality

  • Suitable for mass production

  • Accurate flow control, automatic alarm when blocking gun

Other service

Solutions for stationery industry such as pen holders
Time: 2020-05-04
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