Wooden toy use

Wooden toys refer to toys made of natural materials such as wood and bamboo or synthetic wood, mainly children's building blocks, chess toys, puzzle toys, etc. Generally divided into pure wooden toys and synthetic toys.

Toys as children's daily contact products, its safety is particularly important, so as the current most environmentally friendly and healthy water-based coatings, the application of toy coatings is worthy of vigorous promotion. The spraying process is one of the most popular painting methods in toy painting. It uses compressed air to mix with paint or directly pressurize the paint with power to atomize the paint and let the scattered paint mist reach the surface of the toy. Thereby forming a paint film.

Process flow

The following process will use our equipment

  • Surface spraying: Automatic roller spraying machine R120, automatic roller spraying machine R90 series


Industry pain points

  • The traditional roll spray method requires manual control of spraying quality, high technical requirements for workers, and unstable quality;

  • Poor appearance of spraying;

  • Spraying causes pollution to the workshop and personnel;

  • High temperature (such as transportation in a sealed container) causes the parts to stick to each other, which is prone to sticking paint or falling off;

  • The adhesion of spraying is not enough, and it is easy to fade (drop), causing cross-contamination;

  • Due to the presence of micro-intermittent on the surface of the wood, the water in the paint has a strong penetration effect on the wooden toys, so that the water-based paint has a longer drying time during the spraying process and a lower coating efficiency than the solvent-based paint.

Product requirement

Our advantage

  • The utilization rate of paint is as high as 90%

  • The product is automatically turned over and dried, and the production efficiency is high

  • Fully intelligent production, the spraying quality is controlled by the machine and the quality is stable;

  • Fully enclosed spraying, and the dust is precisely filtered to ensure that the workshop is free of pollution

  • Color and luster, good feel; not easy to fall off paint, high appearance quality

  • Suitable for mass production

  • Accurate flow control, automatic alarm when blocking gun

Other service

Solutions for the wooden toy industry
Time: 2020-05-04
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