Guilin Fuda Quanzhou High Strength Bolt Co., Ltd. purchased our bolt automatic phosphating line AJL.LHX18. Automatic phosphating is widely used in the phosphating and cleaning of machinery, auto parts, motorcycle parts, rubber oil seal skeletons, pre-coating treatment and so on. The equipment has many advantages such as high degree of automation and high productivity. The main technical indicators have reached or even surpassed international similar products. This phosphating line is widely used in the decorative phosphating of high-strength bolts, self-tapping screws and other standard parts industries, and is well received by users.

Automatic phosphating line AJL.LHX18 machine characteristics:

1. New design concept, exquisite appearance, beautiful and generous.

2. The driving operation is fast and stable, and the positioning accuracy is high.

3. Friendly visual man-machine interface, easy for you to operate, the information is clear at a glance.

4. PLC automatic control is adopted, and various parameters can be changed and set according to user needs at any time, and the degree of automation is high.

5. The product has a complete self-diagnosis system, and displays the error information on the touch screen, which is convenient for your troubleshooting and maintenance.

6. This series of products can use electric heating, steam heating and other forms.

7. The equipment has passed CE safety certification.





Suzhou Angem Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is devoted to R & D and production of special machinery and equipment for the automotive parts industry, oil seal industry, and hardware industry. Its products include automatic roller spraying machines, automatic glue spraying machines, automatic rubber rolling machines, automatic reducing machines, and phosphating lines. Wait, please call us.

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Time: 2020-09-03

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