Spray Coating Machine for Oil Seal Painting AJL.R90

The automatic spraying machine AJL.R90 spraying equipment is independently developed and designed by Suzhou Angem Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., and has independent intellectual property rights. It is mainly used for auto parts, seal skeletons, shock absorber metal parts, hardware, electrical insulation, etc Body spraying of smaller parts. This spraying equipment has many advantages such as high degree of automation, environmental protection, high productivity, energy saving and so on, and has obtained a utility model patent certificate: ZL2013 2 0319639 7.

  • Production takt
    Automatic roller spraying machine
    Drying temperaturenormal temperature~120℃
    Air pressure0.6Mpa
    The volume of processing30-50L
    The largest processing workpiece weight50KG
    Heating Power10KW
    Total power motor5KW
    External Dimension of the coater(mm)L2600 * W1800 * H2500mm


    Product Display

    AJL.R90 roller spraying equipment is independently developed and designed by Suzhou Angem Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. With independent intellectual property rights, it is specially used for whole body spraying of small parts such as auto parts, seal frame, shock absorber metal parts, hardware parts, electrical insulation and so on.The spraying equipment has the advantages of high automation, environmental protection, high productivity and energy saving.




    New design concept and precision processing technology .The appearance is exquisite, beautiful and generous.


    Fully enclosed spraying mode and multi-stage exhaust gas filtration can reach high-quality emission standards.


    The technology-specific spraying control system allows the parts to obtain good surface quality.


    Automatic product unloading, energy saving and environmental protection is a solution for large quantities of small parts and automatic spraying.


    Imported electrical control system and unique design mechanism, the technical indicators of the product are more stable.


    Equipment passed CE certification

    Application field

    Decorative spraying: used for decoration of small parts such as penholders, dovetail clips, wooden toys, hearing aids, zipper heads, buttons, fishing hooks, springs, bottle caps, etc.


    Anti-corrosion spraying: used to prevent corrosion on the surface of nuts, screws, bolts, small nails, fasteners and small hardware.


    Sliding performance improvement spraying: used for spraying of O-ring water-based lubricating coating and PTFE lubricating coating.



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